Customer Support Assessment

As recently as five years ago, support organizations were centered on well-structured teams of humans who interacted directly with customers when they needed help, usually over the telephone. Today, customers demand the option of serving themselves, new technologies such as “chatbots” are improving the customer experience, and the costs of maintaining a human-based support capability are becoming prohibitive. CG Advisory can help you sort through and prioritize the many choices you have to ensure that your customer support is keeping pace.

Our one-day Customer Support Assessment is the ideal first step for you to identify the highest priority improvement opportunities for supporting your customers. Using targeted interviews, we will review your support practices and present you with recommendations for where to focus your efforts to achieve maximum return on your support efforts.

The Assessment examines four areas of support:

  1. Strategy: How should you be approaching tech support to maximum its impact on your bottom line?
  2. Operations: How effectively are you currently support your customers?
  3. Organizational design: Is your team structured properly to achieve the objectives you expect?
  4. Technology: What kinds of tools should you be considering?



The Assessment is a quick, intense look at your support services. It provides you with both a “report card” and a set of recommendations on what you should be doing to improve your support function.

There are three components to the Assessment:

  1. Customer support overview (1-hour meeting): This is a planning call so we can get an overview of the structure of the customer support function, problems you’re already aware of and improvement projects that may be in process. This meeting is usually done via web conference and is with the primary executive responsible for customer support.

  2. Customer support analysis (1-day on-site meetings and interviews): CG Advisory comes on-site for a series of interviews and discussions with a range of individuals who are involved customer support in your organization. Based on the initial overview meeting, we will provide an agenda and specify the attendees for the 1-day meeting.

  3. Recommendations: After a period of analysis in our own offices, CG Advisory will present a set of recommendations for initiatives in each of the four areas - strategy, operations, organizational design and technology. This provides you with an independent, professional evaluation of your company’s customer support and, if modifications are required, a prioritized plan for necessary upgrades. The presentation can be done either on-site or via web conferencing.


Cost: $3,000 plus travel and expenses