We're pleased to announce that CGA principal Elizabeth Cholawsky has accepted a position as CEO of HG Data in Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately, she will no longer be available to consult to our clients.

Please see the press release from HG Data about Elizabeth's appointment.


Who We Are

Cholawsky & Gruenfeld Advisory (CGA) provides business strategy and related services to companies that offer Software-as-a-Service as well as those that buy it.

Our Partners have created and executed business strategies for software companies, managed the successful adoption of SaaS products at a range of companies, and guided the development and go-to-market of SaaS products. We've built organizations and systems to deliver these offerings, crafted marketing and sales programs, and struck up substantive partnerships and alliances, including several mergers and acquisitions.

Most significantly, we've been at the leading edge of creating advanced customer support capabilities, based on our firm belief that support is the heart and soul of every successful vendor of hardware and software. (See more about this below.)Now, we’re using all of that hard-won expertise to help both new and established companies do the same. This includes not only software providers that want to exploit unique opportunities in the rapidly-evolving SaaS arena, but enterprises trying to figure out how best to take advantage of the opportunities presented by those software pioneers.

Services for Software Providers

The opportunities are enormous; the risks, equally so. We can help you navigate your way toward success.


Market strategies

Ensuring that you have the right features, message, staff and resources


Software development & go-to-market

Planning the offering and managing its development


Customer insight & retention

Analyzing, measuring and optimizing strategies for keeping your customers


Tech support operations

Detailed planning and implementation for this critical business function


Partnerships & alliances/M&A

Linking up with the right people to help make your own efforts successful

Services for Software Buyers

Transitioning to the Cloud can be confusing and overwhelming. We’ve been there, and we can show you how to maximize the benefit and minimize the risk.


Assessment of SaaS suitability

Analyzing investment vs. return, then tuning to make it happen.


Software acquisition management

Assessing needs, matching them to vendor offerings, managing selection and implementation.


Transition from on-premises products to the cloud

From business process transformation through implementation and adoption.

The Special Role of Support

Based on hard-won experience, we've become convinced that solid customer support is a cornerstone of any successful technology undertaking, whether it's a software or hardware manufacturer taking care of its customers or a user of technology taking care of theirs.

Our managing partners have been at the leading edge of technical support for many years. Read their views of why support is so critical and how Cholawsky & Gruenfeld helps its clients achieve solid business returns by providing best of breed, creative technical support without breaking the bank.


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